A Virus , Malware ,Spyware ,Adware ,Popups ,Slow Computer , Upgrades ,Power Failure ,Installation ,Data Loss ,Security ,Hardware,Software ?

Our Computer Repair services include Hardware and Software.

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We provide On-site support by Knowledgeable and Experienced technicians. We provide support in Eaglewood, Fort Lee, River Edge and Tenafly.

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Few Common Issues That We Deal With are:

  • Virus Issues/malware
  • Computer/Laptops start Freezing
  • Issues in Printers
  • Connectivity issues on Printer/MFP
  • Issues with printing/scanning software
  • Issues with cartridges/Toner
  • Resetting a Print job that has been put in queue
  • Feeder error/paper jamming issue
  • Diagnose Software issues related to Desktop/Laptop/All-In-One
  • Registry Cleanup and Repair of Desktop/Laptop/All-In-One
  • Diagnosis and repair of your Desktop/Laptop/All-In-One hardware issues
  • Restore the OEM Operating System.
  • Troubleshoot Desktop/Laptop/All-In-One software errors

Our Main Services

Let our team of trained and experienced technicians keeps your equipment running in optimal condition and avoid costly downtime.

  • Nationwide coverage.
  • On-site maintenance & repair.
  • Multi-manufacture support.
  • Printer, Laptop, desktop, copier, fax, MFP’s.
  • Online/Remote support
  • Shop Facility For Desktop, Laptop and Printers.